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The artist

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The artist was born in a town 8.000 years old, a crossing point of the Thracian, Greek and Roman culture, a town that knew golden ages of the spirit, native to some of the best Bulgarian contemporary artists. This synthetic spirit of Plovdiv is the foundation from which began the personal artistic and spiritual search of the artist. The twenty years in Italy added the profound knowledge of the classic and Renaissance fine art.

In his works Toma Nenov materializes the form of the human spirit and dematerializes the concept of the human body in a completely new and different way. The sculptures of 3m in the open spaces of the city express the grandeur of the human essence and remind the visitor of the initial power of the mind. The synthesis of ancient and the esoteric, of Eastern and Western cultural traditions, create the unique artistic style of the author, a style understandable to all and because of that – a natural cultural bridge between different countries.